About Me

Children's Drawings For My Home

How it started

The Little Artist Studio was created by me a 30 (something) mum of two young boys. After spending over 14 years in marketing and design, I made a decision that I wanted to work for myself and have more freedom for adventure with my family.

I was inspired to create The Little Artist Studio after my children started bringing home piles of artwork from school and there would be the odd piece that I just loved and wanted to keep but it would be drawn on brown paper or be on the same piece of paper as some sort of food smudge! My home is quite minimalistic, and I love Scandinavian interior and a brown food smudge print was not going to make it onto my walls.  So, I started photographing my favourite pieces and digitalising them, removing the background and any other unwanted marks and printing them. The style fitted into our home design and we all loved seeing the prints.

After family and friends soon started asking for me to create prints for them, I decided in 2017 to set up my studio outside Cambridge and I now create Little Artist Prints full time.